Bookkeeping, Annual Accounts and Self Assessment Tax Return Package

We can prepare your Bookkeeping and Annual Accounts if you are a Sole Trader or Partnership. This will ensure you know how your business has performed over the last year.

Using our systems we can prepare your accounts using; Source documents; Excel Spreadsheets; Computerised accounting software

Using this information we will then be able to complete your Bookkeeping, Annual Accounts and Self Assessment Tax Return.

Why do you need to submit a Self assessment tax return?
If you are a sole trader or a partnership a tax return must be filed to HMRC each year to declare your income and to let them know how much tax is due.

Not submitting a tax return on time can result in penalties and interest being accrued by HMRC. This is why it’s so important to ensure a tax return is completed on time and make  arrangements early on to ensure deadlines are met.

Completing your Tax Returns
Tax can be a very complex subject, so unless your tax affairs are very straight forward it is almost always better to seek advice from a professional than attempt to complete your own tax return.

Some of the benefits of using us to prepare your tax returns are Peace of mind.

By using professionals you know that your tax calculations will be correct and accurate.

You are less likely to be investigated by HMRC if you use an accountant, as HMRC have ways of knowing if figures submitted on a return are likely to be incorrect. This is a common trigger for a tax investigation into your affairs.

Save time, time that could be better spent running your childcare business

Claiming everything you’re entitled to claim. 

It is a very rare occasion that we take on a new client and are not able to find areas to reduce the tax owed. This is usually in the form of under declared expenses​

The process
When asking us to complete your tax return we are not just form filling for you, there is a great deal more to it than that. We start by ensuring that your accounts are complete and correct, as the information contained within your accounts is used to form the basis of the tax calculation.
You will then be sent a copy of the accounts, tax return/tax calculation to have a look over and approve before any submissions are made.

Once everyone is happy we will submit your return to HMRC and advise you how to make  payment to them.

How much does all this cost?
Contact us and we can send your a proposal of fees.
For existing clients we will send a new proposal for the start of each new assignment so fees are made clear at the start of our arrangement.

Using our systems we can prepare your accounts using;Source documents;Excel Spreadsheets;Computerised accounting software
Childminders preparing their own bookkeeping using the following bookkeeping processes, we can assist in preparing your Self Assessment Tax Return 

PACEY Accounts workbook; Morten Michel accounts workbook;

We can provide payroll administration for all your staff providing you with; Customised payslips, Administration of PAYE and national insurance, Administration of Pensions​, Statutory payments for example statutory sick pay (SSP), statutory maternity pay (SMP),Dealing with attachment of earnings orders and other deductions, Completion of statutory forms, Monthly RTI submissions (EPS), Final payment submission (FPS).

Auto Enrolment
With our automatic Enrollment service, we will help you set up a pension scheme, assess your employees and automatically enrol those who meet the qualification criteria. We will then make the necessary submissions to the pension provider each month as well as keeping the Pensions Regulator up to date (including submitting a declaration of compliance), write the necessary compliance letters to your employees and advise you of your contributions to be made each month.

Mortgages and Loans
Often lenders for loan or mortgage purposes will ask for professionally prepared accounts. We provide this service. We can also prepare a letter to the bank and complete the Accountants Certificate if requested.

Business start up
For Sole Traders/Partnerships, we can take care of registering your new business with HMRC.